Felipe Jun Iglesia
Archbishop Riordan High School, San Francisco California USA.

Adventurous, knowledgeable, fruitful and exciting these four words describe my experience in Archbishop Riordan High School. Exposure to the extremely passionate teachers and students has made me more passionate about realizing my objectives in life.  I am glad that I am under ED Network International Education in Malaysia. ED Network’s counsellors, takes each and every student very seriously and equally. Thank you very much ED network.  I can guarantee that ED Network has the most motivating, encouraging and supportive counsels.

ED Network is the best US Education Agents, Advisors and consultants in Malaysia.

Hui Shan Tan (Isabel)
University of Michigan, USA

Kings helped me a lot in choosing what subjects I needed to take for transfer. A lot of students don't know what subjects can have their credits transferred. I would not have known the process of how to transfer either. I am not American, I don't know how American universities work so Kings really helped me on that."

Hi, my name is Wen Xi. I‘m from Batu Pahat, Johor. I am currently studying for International Hotel Management in Switzerland. I’m very thankful to have met Chloe who is a very helpful and caring counsellor. Besides the standard application procedures, she has gone the extra miles by helping me to look for accommodation in Switzerland, flight booking, air-port pick up arrangement and etc. Overall, I am very satisfied with the school environment and the teaching standards. I definitely will recommend EDNETWORK INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION to my friends and relatives.

Wen Xi

International Hotel Management in International Management Institute ,Switzerland

To whom this may concern, Below is a testimonial for Serene's service at Ednet Student Education Agency service: Serene was really understanding and not to mention extremely helpful throughout the entire college selection process. We went through a few best suited’ options and in the end, we found a perfect match for me. I had a blast studying in that college and literally had the time of my life there. It is safe to say that she KNOWS what she's doing.

Chai Yu Zheng

University of Southampton, Thru King Colleges UK

Serene has only been one of the first people I turn to when I am faced with difficulties in making decisions related to education. I had the pleasure of meeting her when I was faced with the burden of making a decision that would determine my future. Like many other newly high school graduates, this was one of the first hardest decisions I had to make. I was lucky to have Serene as a guide. Serene stood out from the others. She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for, even when I was not certain myself. I would say she has a niche in figuring out what would be suitable for students. Without having to spend a long period of time researching into universities (especially when I was clueless on what to look out for), her extensive knowledge in universities and their courses was of great assistance in helping me make a well informed decision. Even till now, she has always been an email away. I am grateful and most thankful to have come across Serene at that point of my life.

Phua Sin Yin

Monash College (Monash University Foundation Year), Australia

I finally find time and inspiration to write this message which I had always wanted to. I knew you from one of those Higher Education Exhibition many years ago. Since then you had helped to facilitate the admission of 3 of my children to the varsities in Australia, the first in Dentistry at Uni. of Adelaide (Alex Hong in Picture), second in Medicine at Monash Uni. (Alton Hong) and the third (Alnizk Hong) Dentistry at Uni. of Adelaide. Thank you for the “all out’ help that you have rendered previously. You are so experienced and knowledgeable in your field that you always seems to be able to find solutions to the problem that we faced. You were always prompt with replies to our queries and never missed any important deadline. In fact you wrote to remind us of the many things that we needed to do ourselves to get the application valid and alive. You also seemed to know the right people and connections to get that extra ‘favour’ that we needed at times. I can remember many incidences of suspense and dejections which we initially faced but turned to jubilant and into celebrations later on. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and hope that many offer aspiring students will benefit from your expertise. I look forward to seeing you again in two years times when my youngest child is ready for tertiary education. I wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

Dr Hong Yong Huat

My name is Sean, and I am an international freshman currently studying at University of Wisconsin – Fox Valley. Around three-hour drive from the metropolitan Chicago, Illinois, my campus is located in Menasha, Wisconsin, not far away from the city of Appleton. I enjoy my life here, and I can promise that the education system in America is very distinctive and flexible. For example, it offers online classes, which allows me to study and earn credits during summer break when I am back to Malaysia. All thanks to the principal of my secondary school, Seri Omega, for organizing the education fair when I was in Year 11 so that I can have a chance to know Kings Education. I appreciate their help, along with my agent, Serene Ding, to guide me when I was alone in the United States. Kings Education is also offering a “guaranteed transfer to a top 100 university” program for me, and I am willing to try my best, hoping to succeed in my future studies.

Sean Lai

University of Wisconsin, USA


Liang Jia Hao

University of Wisconsin, USA

I feel so grateful that I have Serene helping me throughout my university application. Serene is such a trustworthy as well as dedicated education counsellor. She gives advises and information that is reliable, never put the students into risks. I failed when I tried to apply for MBBS in UK universities. Then, I was referred to Serene and she helped me with some alternative pathways. She helped me with Australia universities applications. When I was rejected by 4 of the 5 universities I have applied for, I started to worry. Then, Serene offered me another alternative pathway, and submitted the application for me. She never stopped looking for the best pathway for me. Originally, I was offered Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences by Monash University. However, when Serene heard that Scholar Programme’s students will obtain a higher chance to get into postgraduate medicine programme, she instantly applied that for me after obtaining my agreement. She helped me with accommodation and visa application too. My university application doesn’t stop there as I received a late offer for MBBS from The University of Adelaide. Immediately, Serene helped me with my new offer as well as the refund from Monash University. She even got another student to take over the accommodation I have applied and I got back every cents I have paid. She suggested a new accommodation to me which I am living here right now. It is an extremely convenient accommodation as my university is within walking distance as well as the shopping malls and banks! Thanks to Serene for recommending this accommodation to me. For those who are going to study abroad, don't hesitate anymore! Approach to Serene and she will give you the best advices and services.

Tan Hui Jia

The University of Adelaide Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Australia

I am Tan Yee San, I am 18 years old, I am currently studying at Canning College in Western Australia with the help of Serene at ED Network service in Malaysia. One thing I can confirm is that her service is quite efficient and satisfactory to students and customers. In addition, I feel very pleasant about her service, which included the accommodation and some requirements needed in my study in overseas. I will recommend that students who are searching for agent in order to study overseas (University or Schools) should get the service from serene as I Consider her an experienced Student Service agent.

Tan Yee San

Canning College Western Australia, Australia

ED Network has been a great help to me in preparing for my overseas Education. They worked closely with me right from the beginning and updated my application status timely. I would strong recommend their services to anyone intend study abroad, Without the help of Serene it would have been impossible to process my Visa and accommodation application in a very short time.

Tay Jia Jun

Bradford College (Degree transfer Program – University of Adelaide), Australia

I came to know about ED Network and the services offered from my friend. Serene has helped me at every stage to override every hurdle that came in my way. My admission wasn't easy without her coordination.

Cheng Qian Yee

RMIT College (Foundation Studies), Australia

Firstly, I would like to thank for your assistance to help me to process those admission procedures. I won’t be able to come to Perth so easily without your help. Also, your experienced knowledge has solved my doubt about entrance to university and living in Perth. I’m glad that I dropped in ED Network and met you as a friendly and affable agent that gave me so many supports. I will strongly recommend ED Network to who want to find an overseas study agent.

Foong Kha Jing

University of Western Australia

My Experienced with ED Network was good. Whenever I visited ED Network right from planning stage, application stage, getting visa and accommodation, Serene was there to guide me all the way. My overall study abroad experience was really great.

Matthew Cheong

Curtin University, Australia

I appreciate the help from ED Network and their hard work for helping me to deal with all those complex paperwork. ED Network has provided me the accurate information and showed their professionalism in introducing universities to the students. Feel free to contact them and ask for some useful information about the faculty that you are interested in.

ChongHui Wong

QUT student, Australia

Hi Serene, Thank you very much that you are helpful to clear my worry about my daughter study when I first met you just before CNY 2014. Thank you for giving us good advise and helpful arrangement of school as well as accommodation for my daughter to enter Macquarie University study. That time she was only 17 yrs old and still waiting for SPM result. Within a month she is accepted by Australia school and flight over there by mid of February to start school. Now she is happy, study well and meet some different country friends. Attach photo for your record and thank you very much for your service. I am very satisfied.

Kelvin Chong

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Serene for guiding our son Ghanesh towards tertiary education in (Monash University) Australia. Serene provided us with all the important details to make an informed choice on Ghanesh’s further studies. We avoided wasting time or making costly mistakes as Serene provided us with her wealth of knowledge and experience in almost every sphere of education abroad. Serene has all the facts on entrance/subject requirements, cut off marks, student lecturer ratio and alternate pathways. In addition advise on issues not covered in the college or university brochure is often given. Also she is able to advise on accommodation, visa and travel. She really does have a lot of information at her fingertips. Phone calls and emails are answered promptly. We enthusiastically recommend Serene to steer your child’s education abroad.

Dr Archuna Umapathy

I am thankful to have Serene in assisting me throughout my university application. The process wouldn't be this easy without her help. I find ED Network's services very efficient as I would get swift replies from Serene whenever in doubt, thus I am able to streamline my application smoothly. ED Netwok deserves gratitude for their dedication and professionalism. Therefore, I would recommend ED Network to any students who seek advice and guidance in their tertiary education as ED Network's services are definitely satisfying.

Ryan Tan

Monash University , Australia